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Walk In His Supernatural Favor

Many people want to succeed in life and achieve their goals as children of God. Today, by God’s grace, I will show you the key to a life of supernatural success.

 That key is the favor of God.Favor is divine assistance. Favor is when Heaven smiles on you and causes man to want to assist you to achieve your goals and objective without having to pay or beg them. It is w hen you are shown unusual kindness by people.
Proof of favor is seen when you are shown special consideration. Favor is mercy extended to you when you have erred.

Walk In His Supernatural Favor

Favor is being given or awarded things which you would not qualify for under normal circumstances but because God’s hand of favor is upon you, to the amazement of people around you, you are awarded these things anyway.
To fully succeed in life’s journey, you need God’s favor upon you.
Favor will cause you to be treated well, or receive undeserved access to great people or places or opportunities that make you succeed faster in life. The people you meet by divine favor will advance your God given agenda.
The Bible has many examples of people prospering by divine favor.
In Luke 1:26-38, we see an angel of the Lord visiting the virgin Mary, telling her she had been highly favored by the Lord and would become pregnant supernaturally and give birth to the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This seemed impossible as she had had no sexual relations with a man. This is what favor does. That which is said to be impossible will become possible by God’s supernatural favor.
Favor is the mother of all breakthroughs. It is a life-changing force.
We also see in the Scriptures how Joseph succeeded in his journey by the favor of God. In Genesis 39:1-4 we see the secret that made Joseph rise was God’s favor. He was promoted in Potiphar’s house because of favor.
Also, in Genesis 39:21-23 we see that favor was at work in Joseph’s life in prison. The Lord gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.
We then see Joseph being taken out of prison and straight to the palace to meet with the king by the supernatural favor of God, this is in Genesis 41:14.
He was elevated quickly because of God’s favor. By this favor, he rose to being in charge Egypt’s economy overnight. We also see that in Jesus’ life favor was at work.
In Luke 2:52, we see how Jesus increased in favor with God and with man. This tells us that favor can grow and increase.
I’ve learnt from the Word of God that there are certain things I can do to grow in God’s favor. I call these golden keys to favor.
You can live a life of continuous favour if you have the right keys!
Keys to increasing
God’s favor
Walking in wisdom increases favor: Proverbs 14:32-35 shows us that if you find wisdom you will have favor. This is clearly seen in Joseph’s life. It is the wisdom that Joseph had that gave him favor with the king and landed him a big promotion in Egypt and made his dream come to pass.
Diligent hard work increases favor: Proverbs 13:11 shows the importance of hard work in increasing wealth. People employed by Government, corporate or the self-employed who work hard, are smart or are diligence have favor with bosses.
Clients are likely to get repeat business. There is no room for laziness in this world.
This is why I pray for people being deceived into all sorts of money-making schemes including “miracle money”. Rather, follow God’s principles that activate divine favor.
Speaking appropriately using the right words increases favor: Proverbs 16:13 tells us that people in authority delight in words spoken with discretion and respect.
The right words spoken
into the ears of the right people will grant favor with kings.
Humility increases favor: In Proverbs 15:33 and 1 Peter 5:5-6 we see God resists proud people but gives favor and mercy to humble people.
When you are humble, people will love you and want to promote and help you. Humble yourself and seek God’s favor!
Uncommon skills increase favor: In Daniel 2:47- 48 we see Daniel promoted by
the king because of his God-given gift that helped him interpret the king’s dream and offer a solution to a problem. The uncommon skill that Joseph had also gave him promotion.
David, in 1 Samuel 17, used skills sharpened in the wilderness to kill the national problem called Goliath and was immediately promoted by King Saul. You need to identify, sharpen, develop and use your God-given talent/skill and add more favor to your life.
God showed me over 50 of these golden keys that help access and increase favor.
Here I have only shared five; I will continue to release more Biblical wisdom and keys that will unlock your destiny and give you the great life God has planned for you.

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